November 17, 2022
Tenant Eviction Notice For Cause

Eviction is stressful to all parties involved. Mainly because it involves a breach of contract or bad behavior by the tenant; fear not, for we’ve got you covered. Let`s talk eviction law

What Is An Eviction Notice For Cause 

The eviction process is a bit overwhelming since it involves taking legal action after a tenant has failed to comply with the lease, has done something that damages the property, or even conducted something illegal on the property. 

When a tenant is given an eviction notice for cause, it means that the tenant has violated a term or condition of their lease agreement. This could be as minor as not paying rent on time or something more serious like causing damage to the property.

Types Of Eviction Notices 

Pay Rent Or Quit 

When a tenant is given a `Pay Rent or Quit` notice, the tenant has a certain number of days to pay the rent in full or vacate the property. If the tenant does neither, the landlord can commence eviction proceedings. A `Pay Rent or Quit` notice is typically used when the tenant has fallen behind on rent payments or when the landlord wants to prompt the tenant to leave for another reason.

Cure Or Quit 

Second, “Cure or Quit,” notices to tenants mean they can correct their bad behavior or be evicted by the landlord. 

Unconditional Quit 

This notice is a more direct notice that asks for the tenant to leave the property without a chance to make any corrections. Usually, tenants who receive this notice might have already been given warnings before this drastic action. 

Timeline On Notices 

There are different timelines for eviction notices, depending on the reason. A three-day notice to quit is given when the tenant has violated the lease agreement in some way, such as by not paying rent. A 30-day notice to vacate is given when the landlord wishes to end the lease agreement and move in themselves or has found a new tenant to take over the property. A 60-day notice to vacate is given when the landlord needs to evict a tenant for not having paid rent for two months or more.

What Tenants Can Do After Receiving This Notice 

There are a few steps tenants can take after receiving an eviction notice for cause. First, they should carefully read the notice to understand the reason for the eviction. If there are any questions or concerns, tenants should contact their landlord or housing authority for clarification. After that, tenants should gather their belongings and move out by the date specified on the notice. Lastly, they should ensure that they have paid all rent and other bills owed to the landlord before moving out.

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